An American British White Park Cattle Farm in the Ozark Mountains

Sylvanglades Farm takes pride in providing quality breeding stock. We have traveled many hours and many miles to hand pick our animals from the excellent breeding stock available to us by the top breeders in our ABWP association. We are immensly pleased with our young heifers and bulls produced by our selection. We feel you will be too.

Why did we choose American British White Park cattle? Listed below are only a very few of the many good reasons.

American British White Park cattle meet and exceed all the following convenience traits as described at the Cattle Today website!

  • Cattle Temperament

    Extreme docility! It doesn't get any better than this! No more chasing across the pasture til near exhaustion. Easy to pen and load.

  • Udder Soundness

    American British White Park cattle have small uniform udders. New calves have no problems grasping and nursing due to oversized udders. Udders dark in pigment prevents sunburn and various other problems common to other breeds. American British White Park's produce nutritionally rich milk getting new calves off to the best start.

  • Calving Ease

    Records of birth kept by existing American British White Park breeders prove that in general losses are very small when compared to to other popular breeds. ABWP's calving birth sizes range from 74 lbs to 80 lbs with 76 being about average.

  • Disease and Heat Resistance

    Black to dark pigmentation helps keep pink eye and eye problems due to sun at bay. Yet white hair coloration helps to reflect heat, thus aiding in their natural heat resistance.

  • Doing Ability.

    Quote from Cattle Today: " Doing ability or fleshing ability is a measure of the adaptability of the cattle with their given resources on which to produce. "Hard doers" are those that do not adapt to their given set of resources and require extra attention or feed to produce. It also affects the longevity of the animal in question." American British White Parks are notorious for grazing almost everything and anything. Records kept by breeders show exceptional gains in the first year by grass fed methods only. EASY KEEPERS!

  • Polledness

    While research indicates that American British White Park cattle originated from the White Park breed brought to the US during WW2 by Winston Churchill , these cattle are naturally polled. They should not be confused with the horned Ancient White Park cattle.

american british white park bull calf

american british white park calf

American British White Park cattle

american british white park calf

american british white park calf

american british white parks

American British White Parks

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